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ABACAR ABACAVIR TABLETS USP 300 MG is approved to be sold in Singapore with effective from 2021-03-03. It is marketed by Hetero Singapore Pte Ltd, with the registration number of SIN16114P.

This product contains Abacavir 300.00mg in the form of TABLET, FILM COATED. It is approved for ORAL use.

This product is manufactured by Hetero Labs Limited in INDIA.

It is a Prescription Only Medicine that can only be obtained from a doctor or a dentist, or a pharmacist with a prescription from a Singapore-registered doctor or dentist.



Abacavir (ABC) is a powerful nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) used to treat HIV and AIDS. Chemically, it is a synthetic carbocyclic nucleoside and is the enantiomer with 1S, 4R absolute configuration on the cyclopentene ring. In vivo, abacavir sulfate dissociates to its free base, abacavir.


For the treatment of HIV-1 infection, in combination with other antiretroviral agents.

Mechanism of Action

Abacavir is a carbocyclic synthetic nucleoside analogue and an antiviral agent. Intracellularly, abacavir is converted by cellular enzymes to the active metabolite carbovir triphosphate, an analogue of deoxyguanosine-5'-triphosphate (dGTP). Carbovir triphosphate inhibits the activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT) both by competing with the natural substrate dGTP and by its incorporation into viral DNA. Viral DNA growth is terminated because the incorporated nucleotide lacks a 3'-OH group, which is needed to form the 5′ to 3′ phosphodiester linkage essential for DNA chain elongation.


Rapid and extensive after oral administration (83% bioavailability, tablet). When a 300 mg tablet is given twice daily to subjects, the peak plasma concentration (Cmax) was 3.0 ± 0.89 mcg/mL and the area under the curve (AUC 0-12 hours) was 6.02 ± 1.73 mcg•hr/mL.
* 0.86 ± 0.15 L/kg [IV administration]
Hepatic, by alcohol dehydrogenase and glucuronosyltransferase to a 5′-carboxylic acid metabolite and 5′-glucuronide metabolite, respectively. These metabolites have no antiviral activity. Abacavir is not significantly metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes.


* 0.80 ± 0.24 L/hr/kg [asymptomatic, HIV-1-infected adult patients receiving single (IV dose of 150 mg]


Some myocardial degeneration has been noticed in rats and mice. The most commonly reported adverse reactions of at least moderate intensity (incidence ≥10%) in adult HIV-1 clinical trials were nausea, headache, malaise and fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and dreams/sleep disorders. Serious hypersensitivity reactions have been associated with abacavir which has been strongly linked to the presence of the HLA-B*57:01 allele. This reaction manifests itself in patients within the first 6 weeks of treatment. Patients should be tested for the presence of this allele as recommended by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Active Ingredient/Synonyms

{(1S-cis)-4-[2-amino-6-(cyclopropylamino)-9H-purin-9-yl]cyclopent-2-en-1-yl}methanol | ABC | Abacavir |

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