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Registration Status: Active

APO-ISDN TABLET 5mg is approved to be sold in Singapore with effective from 1988-05-13. It is marketed by PHARMAFORTE SINGAPORE PTE LTD, with the registration number of SIN01139P.

This product contains Isosorbide Dinitrate 5mg in the form of TABLET. It is approved for ORAL use.

This product is manufactured by APOTEX INC in CANADA.

It is a Prescription Only Medicine that can only be obtained from a doctor or a dentist, or a pharmacist with a prescription from a Singapore-registered doctor or dentist.

Isosorbide Dinitrate


A vasodilator used in the treatment of angina pectoris. Its actions are similar to nitroglycerin but with a slower onset of action. [PubChem]


For the prevention of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

Mechanism of Action

Similar to other nitrites and organic nitrates, isosorbide dinitrate is converted to nitric oxide (NO), an active intermediate compound which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase (atrial natriuretic peptide receptor A). This stimulates the synthesis of cyclic guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cGMP) which then activates a series of protein kinase-dependent phosphorylations in the smooth muscle cells, eventually resulting in the dephosphorylation of the myosin light chain of the smooth muscle fiber. The subsequent release of calcium ions results in the relaxation of the smooth muscle cells and vasodilation.


Absorption of isosorbide dinitrate after oral dosing is nearly complete, but bioavailability is highly variable (10% to 90%), with extensive first-pass metabolism in the liver. The average bioavailability of isosorbide dinitrate is about 25%.
* 2 to 4 L/kg


Symptoms of overdose include reduced cardiac output and hypotension.

Active Ingredient/Synonyms

1,4:3,6-Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate | Carvasin | D-Isosorbide dinitrate | Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate | Dinitrate d'isosorbide | Dinitrato de isosorbida | Dinitroisosorbide | Dinitrosorbide | Flindix | ISDN | Isorbid | Isosorbide 2,5-dinitrate | Isosorbide dinitrate | Isosorbidi dinitras | Nitrosorbide | Sorbide nitrate | Sorbidilat | Sorbidnitrate | Isosorbide Dinitrate |

Source of information: Drugbank (External Link). Last updated on: 3rd July 18. *Trade Name used in the content below may not be the same as the HSA-registered product.


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